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Intervals and Legs

Intervals and Legs

This is a short but sweet workout post with some inspiration for your daily routine. The workout here consists of a cardio pass and a weight lifting pass. It focuses on light weight and many reps. By using that way of training you focus on toning your muscles. For those of you unsure what toning means, it will be  making your muscles “smaller”. This is compared to lifting heavy and using few repetitions. That sort of training will help you bulk up and look “larger”. I like to combine the two types of training, as I have no desire to be smaller or larger (first world problem I know!). I aim to stay fit and feel good, and as such I some days feel like trying my 1 rep max (very heavy), and other days I aim for 100 repetitions (like this workout). Go nuts!

Warm Up

  • Mobility/ Stretch
  • Row 500m

Cardio/ Sprint

  • Run 10 min at 10 km/h
  • Increase speed to 15-17 km/h
  • Run 10x60sec and pause 10x60sec at that speed (total of 20 min)
  • Set speed to 5.5 k/h
  • Walk 2 minutes as a cool down

This type of cardio is great for improving your cardiovascular health. The speed at which you do your sprints will vary from person to person. 60 seconds can feel like a long time once you reach the 16 km/h. Listen to your body and do not risk falling off the treadmill!

Weight Lifting

Back Squat

5×20 reps

Use a weight where the last 10 reps feel heavy on your legs to ensure proper load. I used 35 kg.

Walking Weighted Lunges

5×10 each leg

Again, use a decent weight for this. I used 6kg dumbbells.

Hamstring Rolls on large Medicine Ball

10×10 reps


These exercises may all seem simple, but they should leave your lower body sore. I enjoy this sort of workout once in a while, where your pulse is hammering the first half of it, and the second half you focus on technique and consistency. Let me know how you get on, what weight you used, and if you had a sore behind the following days!


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