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Apple oat muffins perfect for your lunch box or afternoon tea session

Apple oat muffins perfect for your lunch box or afternoon tea session

I sincerely hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend. We spent it recharging our batteries by seeing friends, working out, reading, chilling on the couch and enjoying each others company. Of course we also meal prepped a bit, so salmon lasagna and this recipe was […]

Fluffy overnight buns with oats and seeds

Fluffy overnight buns with oats and seeds

Another overnight recipe On my Instagram story I made a poll, and the crowd has spoken. Thusly, I am posting these easy yet delicious overnight buns on here. To be honest, I was going to post it either way because they are too good to […]

Öland Wheat Breakfast Bread

Öland Wheat Breakfast Bread

Simple. Delicious. Filling. Carbs. Breakfast. Lunch. Anytime. Anywhere.

This is another twist/version of my best overnight buns.

You had me at breakfast!

I have not posted a whole lot of bread recipes on this site, but I actually bake bread every weekend. We love waking up Saturday and Sunday to freshly baked bread for breakfast. It creates a sense of ‘hygge‘. Here is my take on a different version of bread (different as in back-to-basics where there is focus on good quality flour and not the healthy-oats-and-grains-and-nuts aspect). I make most of my doughs as overnight ones, and as such they take no time to make when you wake up. While the bread is in the oven you have plenty of time to make your eggs and coffee.

The Goodies:

  • 3 dl of cold water
  • 17 gr fresh yeast
  • 1 tsp gourmet salt
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • 400 gr Öland Wheat (give or take some)

The How (day 1):

  1. Add water and yeast to a bowl and stir until yeast is dissolved
  2. Add salt and honey (stir)
  3. Start mixing in the flour and continue to stir
  4. If you have a machine use this for stirring/stretching the dough, but I do not so I continued the “stretching” for 15 minutes by hand-power (Read: I even broke a sweat!!)
  5. Cover the bowl and refrigerate for at least 12 hours

The reason I stress the long stirring and stretching period is because it activates the protein in the flour, giving it the sticky yet smooth texture we want. The dough should be tough to stir, and I used a firm wooden spoon.

The How (day 2):

  1. Turn on your oven to 225° Celsius
  2. “Cut” out your bread buns on a baking sheet placed on a baking pan (do not squeeze or overly shape the dough)
  3. Drizzle flour and oats on for looks and let them raise until the oven is ready
  4. Bake for about 15-17 minutes or until they have gained a nice colour

A trick with bread to know whether it is done or not is to knock on top of them to hear if they sound hollow – if they do – then they are ready.

Remember: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day 😉

We love fresh bread, but these ones are best if you let them sit just 10 minutes at least. Either way… I want your feedback on these 🙂 We ate them all in one day.


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