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Autumn Update and Sourdough

Autumn Update and Sourdough

Autumn is good, but sourdough is better. In my world not much beats waking up on an autumn weekend morning and eating a just-out-the-oven sourdough bun while sipping freshly brewed coffee. You may think I am 53 years old, but in reality this is just […]

About Easter and pulling the plug

About Easter and pulling the plug

Easter is a national holiday in Denmark. This means everyone gets around five days off, and for the majority of people these five days mean a few things: Family time (puzzles, cards, chit chat) Easter traditions (påskeæg, gækkebrev, påskebryg, påskesnaps, påskefrokost) Grocery shopping for 5 […]

It’s beginning to look a lot like 2018!

It’s beginning to look a lot like 2018!

2018, hello dear beginning

Every year is a new beginning, right? Every year we deal with the concept of “New year new me”, but should it really be this way? I am guilty of doing it myself. I catch myself thinking:

Now I will do XYZ much better than before!

… many of us have New Years Resolutions in relation to weight, training and dieting. Now I do not believe in diets, and I certainly do not believe in them during January. You see fitness centers filling up with hopeful individuals, but slowly yet surely they empty out: Why is that?

The other day a young girl (teenager) stopped me in the gym and asked what classes I attended, and whether or not they were tough. She seemed insecure, and I answered her questions. I also suggested some starting classes, in case she felt like advanced crossfit was not for her. The conversation ended with her saying: “Uhm… maybe some day. You look like you kick ass. Thanks. Bye.” Could this be the answer? Do other people scare beginners away? I would love to motivate and help people in the gym, but I so believe a run in the open, or (sorry for repeating myself) an app such as Nike Training Club (NTC) can aid beginners just as much, if not more, than the gym. Also, when it comes to training it is only ~30% of that which triggers e.g. weight loss (another classic NY Resolution), and ~70% is food related. So… pick your battlefield: Kitchen or Kettlebell.

If you want a New Years Resolution then consider it a goal, and not a one time thing. No matter what it concerns. It can be related to any aspect of your life: Not just weight!

My New Years Resolutions

  • Start using the word ‘no’ more often
  • Stay in the now
  • Read more books
  • Improve culinary skills

My goals might be considered tame, but I have done the whole “No eating chocolate on week-days bla bla”, and it is not realistic for me. I have finally found my shelf in life when it comes to training and food. I know what works for me (after countless experiments). Thus it is time to focus on other aspects.

5 tips and tricks for New Years Resolutions

  • Make your goal realistic
  • Consider it a lifestyle change
  • Make sure this is a change you really want. Do you really need a NY Resolution? Was the old you not cool enough?
  • Do it for you, not your friends or family
  • Rome was not build in one day… cut yourself some slack

I have no intention of going on and on about NY Resolutions, but my message to everyone: Relax, enjoy the ride, and do not be too tough on yourself. A new year is an opportunity to start over, and to improve. It is also a chance to continue a solid lifestyle. However you use the tool of “the new year”, use it wisely and do what makes you happy (not what makes 6.291 other people happy!) 🙂

Rendezvous of my 2017 *K.I.S.S*  (keep it short and sweet)

… in February my parents had their 25 year wedding anniversary (goals)…

… I learned how to make a pizza dough that sets new homemade-pizza-limits…

… In March I went to my first (but not last) chocolate tasting event…

… running with my co-worker Ela became a weekly do that I intend to continue (week 1 complete)…

… training 3 times every week became my new best practice…

… sushi remained my favourite take-out…

… managed to keep up with old and beloved friends, and met new great ones…

… thai soup entered our top 5 meals to make…

… I watched a football game with friends in our national stadium – Parken…

… in August I had the most incredible hen-do…

… September was unlike anything: I had the best day of my life: My wedding day…

… in October we went to Paris on our honeymoon…

… in December we upheld traditions during Christmas time, and created new ones…

… left 2017 champagne in hand, glitter shoes on my feet, with the love of my life by my side, together with friends…

2018, I have no clue what you have in store, but I am ready.

Do any of you guys have New Years Resolutions lined up? If so, let’s hear them.



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Real life, real time and being a real person in balance

Real life, real time and being a real person in balance

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