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First blog posts

are supposed to “set the tone” for the blog, right? I think so…. Therefore I have chosen to start this blog off with a cardio workout (as I did just that today). I am aware I am wearing a helmet in my picture, but I biked to the gym to go run outside. I know I know that seems silly, I like to go in the sauna there after my runs.

Anyway, spring has finally come to Denmark, and that means my blue 2XU tights can be let loose in nature. Today the weather was absolutely perfect for a run. Due to my body being sore from the past couple of days I decided to stick to a middle distance run of 5.3k today. My average pace was 5’09”. This pace works for me, which is not to say it does for you, but my advice is to run at a pace where you can still enjoy the song from your play-list. I push myself while I am out there, but never to a point where I feel dizzy or ill. I love listening to music, and as long as I get a kick out of listening to it, it means I am running just right.

If you have the option to run outside – do it! Fresh air is inevitably the best thing after working for 8 hours. It is healthy for your mind and body. Do not get on the treadmill if you are planning a steady pace run. Tread mills are for warming up and intervals.


I hope your afternoon was as great as mine (and I promise to improve this site ASAP)!

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