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Guest Blogger – Joel Neale – Full Body Workout

Guest Blogger – Joel Neale – Full Body Workout

Joel Neale, a dear old friend of mine from my Dubai based lifetime, agreed to committing a workout that would kick everybody’s booty. This guy should be an inspiration to everyone. He has come a long way during his time, involving himself with fitness. From his young teenage years to now Joel has transformed his self image. He is well balanced and knows when to binge, and when to be strict on his diet. Sport has always been a big part of his life, and him and I have spent countless hours on the golf course together. If I needed a PT program, workout advice, cooking tricks to fit my lifestyle, mental advice, or just a chit chat, he is definitely someone I would go to! You can read some fun stuff about him in this interview he did.

The fast facts about Mr. Neale:

  • Dubai based
  • Englishman
  • Personal Trainer
  • TPI certified
  • REPS certified
  • Specializes in building muscle, meal planning, and sport specific training (golf)

All in all, he knows his jazz. Now to what you are all waiting for… The workout. It is a mix of circuit, weight lifting, and body weight drills. This means it should leave us feeling tired and out of breath, oh the joy.


  • 20 kg Barbell (and plates to adjust weight)
  • 5 kg medicine ball
  • 1 bosu ball (or use the medicine ball)
  • 2 dumbbels of 3-4kg (depending on your strength)

Warm Up

  • 5 minutes of singles skipping
  • Stretch (hip flexors and lower body focus)


EMOM 10 Clean and Jerks superset 12 bent over rear delt flyes (RX 40kg/ 10kg)
Minute 1: 10 Clean and Jerks
Minute 2: 12 Bent over rear delt flyes
Minute 3: 10 Clean and Jerks
Minute 4: 12 Bent over rear delt flyes
… etc
Rest 3-5 minutes upon completion and continue to the circuit below

Flyes Part 1
Flyes Part 2

Circuit/ Workout

4 round FT:

  • 30 mountain climbers on bosu/medicine ball
  • 10 burpee jump overs (can use a barbell)
  • 20 Russian twists 5kg medicine ball
  • 12 push-ups
  • 12 pull ups

I am planning to try this workout myself one of the upcoming days, but on paper it looks like a calorie burner. Let me know how you get on, what weight you used, and you liked this style of workout? I am imagining I will look like Joel himself in this picture. Sorry mate, I had to (heehee).

Post Workout

To contact Joel for any inquiries please write to: His Instagram can be viewed here 


All photos used were approved by Joel
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