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Welcome Back Autumn, I did miss you!

Welcome Back Autumn, I did miss you!

The days are getting a little shorter, the temperature has dropped a lot, the rainy days are increasing, the leaves are changing colour, and the want to cozy up on a couch with friends, family, a book or a loved one is growing… I think it is safe to say autumn has arrived in Copenhagen!

img_8212Looking back I never appreciated any season for what it truly is, an opportunity to welcome new trends and moments. Living in Dubai we had scales of hot, which we referred to as seasonal change, but I never realized that I missed an actual nature change. This realization came to me the first time I experiences autumn after my Dubai-life in 2014, in Tulsa Oklahoma. I may or may not have started crying a bit (wow), but it was beautiful. I played elite golf at that point in time, and one day teeing off at The Patriot Golf Club I was overwhelmed. It solidified my idea of seasons. I believe I will always be a summer girl, who loves heat and sunny days, but autumn is another keeper (just like all seasons have their pro’s in my opinion).

Also, make an excuse and use the weather changes to do something you have not for a while. Did you go to the movies throughout summer? Some things to do in Copenhagen could be:

  • Visit Tivoli Gardens when they re-open October 14
  • Take a walk through King’s Garden as green turns to orange and red
  • Bake that cake you never did during summer because wine was more inviting
  • Binge on a TV show you neglected
  • Spoil yourself with a massage, nail treatment,  or haircut, just because you do need it

Whatever you end up doing, just be present and enjoy it. Life is busy keeping us busy, and the old saying “life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans” is ever true. Slow down and soak it up!

So… What do I look forward to in the upcoming month?

  1. Things made out of/with pumpkin (pumpkin carving, pumpkin pie, hokkaido pumpkin soup, pumpkin bread, roasted pumpkin seeds) Mmmhhh…
  2. Watching the change of colour in nature
  3. Sunny but cold days where you can go for long walks
  4. Running in cooler weather
  5. Making more simmer food (e.g., Coq au vin)
  6. Drink homemade cappuccino’s made with our brand new milk foamer
  7. Halloween (read: Halloween candy and visits to Tivoli Gardens)
  8. Candles…. Everywhere in the apartment
  9. Finishing the book “The Phoenix Project”, which I picked up about a month ago
  10. Relaxing with friends and family
Milk Foam
Homemade Cappuccino’s are bomb

What are you looking forward to in October?

To add to my liste above I do hope to get the recipe for my new favourite soup (hokkaido) up soon. It warms you all the way through (plus it is healthy and easy to make)! This post is slightly different for me and it is more fluffy if you would say so, but I felt like sharing. To everyone out there who disapproves of seasonal change I can only say: “Get on board and let yourself be inspired by the change – use it to your advantage!”. If you take a deep breath and slow down a bit… maybe you will enjoy the changes just a little more.


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2 thoughts on “Welcome Back Autumn, I did miss you!”

  • I’m totally on your side with that!

    No crowded place,
    no glazing heat,
    going at my own pace,

    Autumn is great,
    going outside can wait,
    I don’t need an excuse –
    for being where I want to be.

    And.. maybe that place also has some of your pumpkin soup!

    • Pumpkin soup, pumpkin spice latte, pumpkin pie, pumpkin fries… All pumpkin for autumn! And yes, this season is beautiful even if it is cold! 🙂

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