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About Easter and pulling the plug

About Easter and pulling the plug

Easter is a national holiday in Denmark. This means everyone gets around five days off, and for the majority of people these five days mean a few things:

Above short list is exactly what the holiday means for me, except perhaps the snaps. Starting approximately three weeks ago I began buying pastel-coloured chocolate eggs filled with marcipan, nougat, truffle or caramel. I have eaten lamb and buying tulips has been a must for absolutely any occasion. To me

Easter is the chocolate egg at the end of the pastel rainbow, which jumps out of a green grass bed covered in a sea of tulips

Most delicious cakes at Granny’s House paired with a creamy cappuccino. The decor at the café truly makes you feel the essence of hygge!

🙂 I love it! For those of you that has read closely you know we have become house owners (31 days ’til moving day yay!), and I am mentioning this again because I already bought some decoration for next year’s holiday: Two handmade chickens in blue and orange with black dots. My husband thinks I am crazy. I think I am just excited. I bought them at a cute café on Frederiksberg called Granny’s House. Maybe I will go again when it is time for cake club with Nadja on Monday. Okay, cake club is another thing I need to talk about soon! Next year (in the house) we might have our own hunt for eggs in the backyard or host a lunch for friends and family… who knows.

Pulling the plug is key – to me


There is another point with this post. It is to highlight how important it is to unplug. I do not necessarily mean from social media or technical devices, but from our daily-dos. From routine. I did this for the last couple of days, and I feel like I have gotten new energy. I encourage, and challenge, all of you to do something out of the ordinary this Easter. My opposite normal items were: Knitting, cooking with my mother-in-law (I so enjoyed that!), did not bring training gear nor did I worry about training, and ate all the candy I wanted. It was awesome. If you are up for it, do a tiny thing you normally do not and write a comment on here. Maybe someone else will be inspired by your doings? We spent some time in Odense which made breaking routine easy for me. Something else has been on my mind relating to breaking routine: The concept of ‘living on less‘, but I think I will do another post on that soon so stay tuned.

Right now

Tivoli Gardens has just opened for their summer season and this bed of tulips will soon bloom and be nothing short of beautiful. Spring means new life and nature bringing sexy back.

The holiday is not over, but I am currently back in Copenhagen. We ordered take-away tonight and currently I am getting ready to watch Hunger Games and eat abemad (fruit salad). I also trained today and kick-started my body again. So… time to grab my blanket and cuddle up to my husband who is next to me. Soon I have to go check on the dough for tomorrow. We need to un-plug, from our computers, and recharge so we are ready for laundry day tomorrow!

I wish you out there the best Easter.




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