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House owner(s) and bread

House owner(s) and bread

Hello everyone! 

It is time, or I have finally gotten time, to throw a short update (and a bread recipe) on here. Nicolai and I moved into our new home (read: Nest) approximately one and a half month ago now and we adore it. So far we have not missed the vibrant city of Copenhagen, but perhaps it is because we work in there and have our daily-dos there. The city will always have a place in my heart, but Solrød is already digging deep for one as well. Solrød has beach and forest no more than 600 m from us. This is a dream come true. The nature and wilderness of it is something we have missed in the city, and we have already gone for a swim. When I say we I really mean Nicolai… I just stood in the edge of it (come on the Danish sea is not warm!).

The first weeks have flown by. They have been filled with visits from friends and family, getting to know our new neighbours, preparing our yard and enjoying the summer weather which has finally reached Denmark! Surprisingly enough it has actually been here for over a month now. I have also hosted my first cake club at the house, where I made this cake for Nadja and I. Nicolai crashed the cake club that day, and we forgive him for it.

Cake Club

Nevertheless, the concept of this cake club is awesome: Grab a good friend and make a date every month where you try out a new cake. You can cake-in or cake-out, bake yourself or order… you can also eat ice cream. It is probably just an excuse to hang out with a friend, but hey: “Cake is the answer no matter the question”. Right now we just settled on a date for June (coming Monday yay!), since we got to keep up our flow. The gossip and girl time we have is pretty fun and I am happy we started this. I can only recommend you do the same with a friend of yours 🙂 

I could keep chatting about the pro’s and con’s of moving, and maybe I will do a piece on this later. But now… recipe time.

Bread is seriously my weakness, so here goes my best shot at breakfast buns so far (using a folding technique). 

The Goodies 

Serving size: Approx. 6 – 7 bread rolls

  • 150 g whole wheat spelt flour or whole wheat Øland flour 
  • 50 g oats
  • 300 g Manitoba flour
  • 4 dl cold water
  • 7 g of fresh yeast
  • 1 tbsp water
  • 14 g salt

The How 

Day 1

  1. Weigh off flour and oats and mix in a bowl with 4 dl of cold water
  2. Cover with cellophane or a damp towel for 1 hour at room temperature
  3. Add salt to your dough
  4. Mix your fresh yeast with 1 tbsp of water and add into your dough – stir until all has come together by hand power
  5. Cover with cellophane
  6. During the next hour you should “turn” your dough over 3 times (once every 20 minutes) (I took some pictures to illustrate how I do)
  7. After the hour turn your dough another 2 times with an hour between each turn/flip
  8. Store with an airtight lid over night in the fridge
1: Place hands under dough and lift
2: Pull apart dough and stretch it
3: Fold the dough over the dent you made (repeat 1-3 two times every fold)

Day 2

  1. Turn on your oven to 250° Celcius and take our your dough an let it stand on the kitchen table for ~30 minutes
  2. On a surface covered with a bit of flour let your dough come to rest
  3. Cut out your breakfast buns in desired pieces and place on a baking pan covered with a baking sheet
  4. Bake your bread for 14-17 minutes (keep an eye on them as they should gain colour but not turn black!)
  5. Let your bread rolls cool off at least 10 minutes on a wire rack before serving 
Dough fresh from the fridge ready to be cut into pieces before going in the oven
Drizzled and ready to go!


Tip: You can sprinkle your bread with any sort of topping you’d like: Oats, seeds, flour or nuts. It is mostly for looks but hey… that is also important!

Happy baking to everyone out there 🙂


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