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Hello 2019 and a shout-out to 2018

Hello 2019 and a shout-out to 2018

I know the calendar says February not January… but I am a slow starter. January is a bit like the Monday of months, even if my January did contain a whole bunch of great days, and so I did not get around to doing a typical ‘Goodbye 2018 – Hello 2019’ post (or any other posts lately). Either or, here is to finally doing another ‘personal’ post, which is a challenge to me. I didn’t start this universe to write personal chit-chat, but sometimes it seems nice to know a bit about the person behind the screen. So here I am, back at the post, trying to let you guys into my tiny universe.

About those New Year’s Resolutions from 2018

“New Year, New Me”.

– Everyone

Sound familiar? We all do it. I tried to lower my ambition-levels (as I have also done for 2019), and I would like to recap and see if I actually did what I said I wanted to in 2018. Let’s be honest… how many actually remember our resolutions by the end of the year? Anyway, these were mine for ’18:

  1. Start using the word ‘no’ more often
  2. Stay in the now
  3. Read more books
  4. Improve culinary skills

Okay wow, I was super vague. Nevertheless I actually feel quite accomplished looking at them. Nicolai and I truly worked on passing off on “opportunities” and stuck with prioritising us-time when needed. We have a habit of packing every weekend with plans from start to finish, and forgot what couch-time and pyjama-days were like. Check on item 1 and 2 (yiiiipieee!!)!

Read ???more books… let’s skip that one. I read books, but define more.

I, if I must say so myself, definitely improved my culinary skills. Or baking skills at least. I have really discovered a hobby and plan to continue exploring the bread-kitchen. I also want to get back to recipe-developing and general sharing of food-inspiration for dinner and lunch (and cakes!). My kitchen is amongst my happy places, and ever since we moved into the new house my desire to spend time in it only grew. So bottom line… check on number 4!

2019 Aspirations

So what about this new year? More vague intentions? I decided to have guidelines, hopes or aspirations so to say. Aspirations, chew on that word… I aspire to do these things. I really would love to focus on these things, but life isn’t static and the universe has twists and turns we can’t predict. Thus, my 2019 aspirations are:

  • Get back in shape (run 5k at 5′-5’20” pace, take 3 pull-ups without resistance band, do 10 push-ups on my toes any time any where, deadlift my bodyweight): After my pregnancy-restriction on training I miss sweating and feeling strong. I miss training, sweating and feeling strong.
  • Be a good wife first and a good mother just after: Okay this sounds odd putting on paper, but without my husband I can’t be the mother I want to be. He is my rock, my support, my better half. If I don’t do him and I and prioritise us I know I will not be able to be the best possible version of me (but oh boy I can’t wait to be a mom… cough any day now)
  • Make homemade croissants: HA! At least this one is “easy”. Let’s see if this is the one I forget 😉

Rendezvous of 2018

  • We sold our city-apartment and moved to a temporary apartment
  • Bought a house in the suburbs
  • Cancelled my fitness membership and found ways of stimulating my crazy-need to train/redefined what my level of ‘fitness’ should be. Because – what is being healthy? – it is different to all of us and it differs depending on where you are in life. I think I have found my bottom line and I am ready to indulge! I was paused by my midwife due to the pregnancy and a scare of early labor (ironically as I am 5 days past due now), so my motivation is higher than ever
  • Invested (yes it is an investment) in a new bed from Dunlopillo. Honestly, how much time do we spend in our beds every day? Buy a good one, you won’t regret it.
  • Leased our first car (suburb-problems)
  • !!Got pregnant!!!! <3
  • Went to England, France and the United Arab Emirates as overseas-adventures
  • Nicolai graduated (yiiiipppiieee)
  • I discovered the world of sourdough
  • Realised the beauty of real friendships, new or old, far or close, and how they can keep flourishing even when you don’t see each other every other week
  • Went (still going) 9+ months without a gin & tonic
  • Learned to appreciate family even more than ever before: Both the family you are born with and the family you choose- they are the core and will be there no matter what happens
  • Decided to try and include more vegetables in our diet, and realised (thanks to Årstiderne, that we do not need as many grams of meat in our meals as previously thought). In short: More vegetables, wholegrain, lean meats and good fats (none of this diet stuff. We love food and carbs and all aspects of eating. Sorry not sorry.)

My tiny peak of 2018 is over, and I can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store. Currently I am sitting with my morning coffee, on maternity leave, hoping for our little E to make an appearance any time. 2019 will be a new chapter, a new story entirely, for both Nicolai and I. It is scary and exciting simitanously, and I am unsure I can even fathom it or put it into words. All I know is that very soon two will be three, and that next years’ rendezvous will include items like: “Learned how to change a diaper in complete darkness???“…


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