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The best bread I have ever made

The best bread I have ever made

Before I take a deep dive into this best bread I have ever made, which can be turned into 1 big loaf, 2 smaller loafs, rolls or 1 small loaf and some rolls let me just say this: Sourdough, I love you. Along with seeds […]

Autumn Update and Sourdough

Autumn Update and Sourdough

Autumn is good, but sourdough is better. In my world not much beats waking up on an autumn weekend morning and eating a just-out-the-oven sourdough bun while sipping freshly brewed coffee. You may think I am 53 years old, but in reality this is just […]

Saturday chocolate banana pancakes and the week that passed

Saturday chocolate banana pancakes and the week that passed

Saturday morning,  sunshine through my window, chocolate banana pancakes, coffee in front of me and workout plans on my mind.

This is how my weekend started. Pancakes and chocolate, what is not to like? I have the benefit of being home alone this weekend as my husband is doing a wilderness-man-trip with a group of 5 guys. They are sleeping out in the open and bonding on that sort of guy level, and I wish them all the best of weekends filled with boy-talk and beers! Me on the other hand, I will take my bed, shower and spoiled breakfast setting 🙂

My week

This week was an ordinary one. Monday was a national holiday and so I really “only” worked 4 days. I did my regular training sessions (Monday and Wednesday so far), and we got back on track with cooking meals in our temporary home. Monday I also had my first cake club meeting. This inspiration I got from Emily Salomon. Her blog is indeed an inspiration altogether. Thank you to her. My cake (or any sweet deal) club is with Nadja. I sort of like her. Do you know those friendships that may be unexpected but just straightforward and nice? This is Nadja. She puts a smile on my face! I am already excited for our next club event. This was also the week where the temperatures in Denmark finally got higher! When this happens the good people of Copenhagen go insane. Life outside at cafés, in parks and on the streets is transformed, and it is as if we all come out of winter hiding. I truly love this time of year. It simply leaves my mood booming. Yesterday I actually walked home from work and stopped for ice cream just because the sun was out.

All over Frederiksberg Garden random flowers are starting to bloom, which is nature at its finest.


Higher temperatures mean I get to wear a lighter (and more colourful) coat, and my beloved glitter shoes from Zara. The kid inside of me get fuzzy feelings when looking at these shoes!

Counting days

Adding to the slight comment of temporary home above… in 24 days we will move to Solrød, into our new house and I am indeed counting days. This week I ordered art for the living room (from this great site). They have a “build your own picture wall” function, which helped me tremendously. Even if I did tell myself that I should stop buying items for the new place it is immensely hard to have such a restriction. I am just too excited!!! Do any of you guys know that feeling? I will also admit that during this weekend I will order a couch hehehe. We have greatly differing opinions on the fabric of the couch, but Nicolai has won this time around (I still do not understand why he thinks velour is a bad idea???), and fingers crossed that I will win some other battles. Not counting the kitchen machine I already ordered (alright, I need to stop). Anyway, the recipe you most likely came here for. This chocolate banana pancake recipe is delicious and worth the morning cooking.

The Goodies

Serving size: 1 hungry person

  • A ripe banana
  • 1 dl oats
  • 1 large egg
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 tsp raw cocoa
  • Toppings: Pecans, 1 kiwi, 1 passion fruit 1 tbsp greek yogurt, 1 tsp marmelade *use whatever you have

The How

  1. Cut up all your fruit toppings as desired
  2. Blend banana, oats, egg, cinnamon and cocoa
  3. Add coconut oil (or your preferred oil) to a pan and make 3 pancakes
  4. Make your plate pretty and eat up!

I have just cleaned up the kitchen from the cooking-mess caused by above, and now I am about to head to the gym for a weight-session. Apparently eating ice cream outside is not “enough” to keep your muscle mass up and running, pfft. This afternoon I will run errands in the city and spoil myself a little at DollFace! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


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