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Sustainability: How we strive to help

Sustainability: How we strive to help

Sustainability and Green Living has become the hot topic in Denmark (?perhaps globally??). All platforms available to us: Social media, TV and TV commercials, the Internet and even news papers have a focus on the following: Global warming Eating meat (or going vegan/vegetarian) Limiting plastic […]

Hello 2019 and a shout-out to 2018

Hello 2019 and a shout-out to 2018

I know the calendar says February not January… but I am a slow starter. January is a bit like the Monday of months, even if my January did contain a whole bunch of great days, and so I did not get around to doing a […]

Autumn Update and Sourdough

Autumn Update and Sourdough

Autumn is good, but sourdough is better.

In my world not much beats waking up on an autumn weekend morning and eating a just-out-the-oven sourdough bun while sipping freshly brewed coffee. You may think I am 53 years old, but in reality this is just my favourite time of the week. I have come to cherish these mornings, especially the ones where my husband is not working. This is our time. Slow mornings and slow talks. He manages the coffee and I handle the bread.  To me, it must still be just warm enough for the butter to melt, the crust should be hard and the flavour at its best. I am never not eating carbs.

During autumn I get to see the sunrise during these weekend mornings. It’s beyond pretty. Early-mid fall has stolen my heart with its colours, flavours (pumpkin, chai, cinnamon), clothes and calmness. This particular time of year I find the most beautiful. Please do not confuse with end of fall, which includes grey, grey and grey oh and rain in Denmark. December may be my favourite month, but early-Autumn is my favourite season.

I have been wanting to spice up my breakfast-level for some time. How does one do that? Well… I invested in a Ankarsrum AKM to begin with, which has really been worth every penny. We (I) use it for so many different things: Bread, pizza-doug, cakes and pie crusts. For some reason I keep wanting “more” out of my bread, and I decided to dive neck deep into sourdough.

Meyers (Danish bakery) had a simple enough sourdough recipe, which I decided to commit to. The result (second time around) turned out better than ever imagined. This recipe is yet another overnight one (example of another one here). So remember this recipe is for you to do the afternoon before serving the breakfast, that is if you have your sourdough ready. Sourdough takes 3-5 days to prepare from scratch.

The Goodies

  • 5 1/2 DL cold water
  • 1/2 DL sourdough
  • 5 g of fresh yeast
  • 15 g salt
  • 150 g wholegrain flour
  • 200 g fine Öland flour
  • 250 g regular flour (use a flour with a protein level greater than or equal to 12 g pr. 100 g)

Servings: 7-8 breakfast rolls

The How

Note: My recipe is based on having a kitchen machine to do the kneading

Day 1

  1. Mix cold water and sourdough together in your mixing bowl
  2. Sprinkle the yeast and mix well
  3. Add salt and all flour types
  4. Start up your machine on the lowest level for mixing – mix for approximately 2 minutes
  5. Turn up the speed and let the kneading continue between 8-12 minutes depending on your machine – your dough may seem very “wet” initially, but give it time… it is ready once it lets go of the edges of the bowl and you can perform a gluten test (grab the dough and if you can stretch it to a point where it is almost see trough without it breaking it is ready)
  6. Rub the inside of a plastic bowl with olive oil and add the dough to it
  7. Cover with an airtight lid or clingfilm
  8. Leave it out on the kitchen desk for approximately 1 – 2 hours
  9. Put in the fridge over night (12 hours) – the rule thumb is that the dough should raise to double the size over night

Day 2

  1. Take your dough out the fridge and let it sit for 1 hour
  2. During this hour turn on your oven to ~250° Celsius and leave the baking pan in
  3. Flip out your dough onto a flour-covered table top – try not to work too much with it as it can destroy the “air”, which has build up
  4. Cut your rolls out and place them on a baking sheet
  5. Once the oven is ready get the baking sheet onto the hot baking pan
  6. Bake for 5 minutes at 250
  7. Turn down to 210 for approximately 10-13 minutes – your rolls are ready when golden brown and sounding hollow when tapping them
  8. Let the rolls cool off some time before serving

If you want any sprinkles on your bread, add it between step 4 and 5 🙂



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Easter is a national holiday in Denmark. This means everyone gets around five days off, and for the majority of people these five days mean a few things: Family time (puzzles, cards, chit chat) Easter traditions (påskeæg, gækkebrev, påskebryg, påskesnaps, påskefrokost) Grocery shopping for 5 […]